Book a Currituck Outer Banks Home for Your Retreat

December 14, 2012

For years, I’ve talked with fellow writers about the possibility of pooling money to rent a beach house for a week. It would be so nice to take a few days off, find an isolated vacation rental on the shore, and get that novel finished. It’s not uncommon for writer’s groups to organize such retreats, and coastal towns like Corolla in the Currituck Outer Banks seem to make for ideal destinations. The Currituck area, in particular, is conducive to such gatherings because the area is secluded enough to allow you to enjoy a working vacation but you are not so isolated as to not have some fun.

Browse the various real estate agencies that specialize in Currituck vacation home rentals, and you’ll find that many of these huge houses can comfortably accommodate upwards of twenty-five people, maybe more. This is because the Corolla and Carova Beach areas are popular destination wedding areas and family reunion spots. You’ll need the room to keep the family and friends in one place, and there is access to grocers and caterers to ensure that the pantry is stocked while you have fun. From the standpoint of using a home for a small group meeting or retreat, renting one of these large coastal homes could prove worthwhile.

If you choose the off-season to rent a Currituck home, the weekly rates drop dramatically. For example, a large home that sleeps twenty and features all the luxury amenities could go for as much as twenty-five thousand dollars a week in June! It sounds like a lot of money, but if twenty-five people chip in the price doesn’t seem so bad. The trick, however, is finding a good place to stay. After tourist season, you can probably book the same place for a fraction of the cost. Collect twenty friends for your writing retreat, church retreat, or business conference and they will feel pleased they don’t have to pay too much to enjoy a week at the beach. Not only that, but the weather in Currituck in October is just as nice as it is in the summer.

As you browse homes, pay attention to the amenities offered. Some of the larger homes in Corolla have in-home theaters, which are great if you want to show presentations or just have a movie night. Dining areas are large enough to accommodate family style eating, and the best homes have easy access to the beach during free time. After the work is done, relax with everybody on the deck and watch the sunset. If you have a free day for sightseeing, look into a group rate for one of the horse watching tours that are popular throughout the year.

Vacation homes aren’t just for families. Get a group of like-minded folks together – writers, church group, sorority reunion – and take advantage of the comfort of a beach home and the fun to be had along the shores of Corolla and Currituck.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on the Currituck Outer Banks and Outer Banks vacations.