Biking in the Outer Banks Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

September 28, 2009
Great news for cyclists, and joggers and nature walkers! Pretty soon you’re going to have a terrific new bike trail in the Currituck Outer Banks to enjoy!

Thanks to a $500,000 state grant, Corolla residents will soon have a trail for walking, jogging and biking.

Currituck County officials announced Friday that the county has been awarded the grant by the North Carolina Parks and Recreation Trust Fund. The $500,000, combined with $500,000 in county funds, will help pay the $1 million cost of constructing a 10-foot wide, 1.2-mile paved trail in Corolla.

“We’re really excited about it,” said Holly White, senior planner in the Currituck Planning Department. “Right now there’s nothing there, so people are riding bikes and moms are pushing strollers along the side of the road.”

Once constructed, the path will stretch from Currituck Heritage Park to the Currituck Banks Coastal Reserve, White, who wrote the grant for the county, said. In addition, a small park will be built along the trail, she said.

More on this exciting story from the Daily Advance.

The Corolla trail will run parallel to NC 12, so if you bring your bike to the Outer Banks you can enjoy a leisurely ride along the most serenely beautiful areas of the OBX. You might spot a wild horse or two or other “natives” of Currituck. More news on this development as we get updates.