Beyond the Beach: Top Things to Do in Currituck

June 23, 2016
Bottles of Outer Banks Wines

Bottles of Sanctuary Vineyards’ wines.

Is there life after the beach? In Currituck, there most definitely is. While the county is home to miles of pristine beaches with roaming wild horses and a wealth of wildlife, it’s also home to fun inland activities. Once you’ve hit the beach, don’t feel like the next step is to pack up and go home. Instead, extend your visit and hit the nearby towns. Here are the top things to do apart from the beach in Currituck in North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

Sanctuary Vineyards

Head inland to Jarvisburg to visit Sanctuary Vineyards on the Currituck Mainland, where you’ll be greeted by a barnyard-like setting with friendly sommeliers.  The vineyard’s wine tasting room where you can sample various wine flavors with Currituck-themed names such as The Pearl, Wild Pony White and Shipwreck. These wine samples come straight from the oak barrels—not the bottles. Wine tasting at Sanctuary is open year-round.

Weeping Radish

Have you ever wondered what North Carolina’s oldest microbrewery looks like? Just drive to Grandy in the Outer Banks and visit Weeping Radish to find out. The historic Bavarian brewhouse is as authentic as it gets. German-born Uli Bennewitz came to the state in the early 1980s with dreams of opening up one of the country’s first microbreweries. But due to strict regulations at the time, Bennewitz could only serve beer using four ingredients: hops, malt, yeast and water.

Today, you can join a group tour led by Bennewitz himself as he shows you the behind-the-scenes of beer-making before taking you to the tasting room. Weeping Radish also operates as a restaurant pub, serving classic Bavarian pretzels, schnitzels and sausages along with authentic brews with names like Black Radish, Corolla Gold and Red Ale. Fun fact: You can visit Weeping Radish’s Butchery and take home a cut of grade A meats or homemade smoked sausages.


Hit a hole in one on one of Currituck’s three premier golf courses on the mainland. The county is known for being a haven for golfers due to the area’s challenging landscapes of rolling hills and gorgeous weather. The Pointe Golf Club in Powells Point is known for having seasonal hours and courses made to accommodate first timers and seasoned golfers, and experienced golfers will want to test their skills at and The Carolina Club in Grandy. There, skilled golfers will battle the wind with long shots and challenging holes.

For a more scenic and exotic landscape, Kilmarlic Golf Club is situated by the wetlands, giving golfers a breathtaking view of foliage and wildlife as they tee off. However, to test out an award-winning golf course designed by world-renowned landscape architect Rees Jones, The Currituck Club will be the place. The course is so popular that it received several honorable mentions from prestigious golf publications like Golf Digest and Golf Magazine.

Morris Farm Market

Morris Farm Market started from a husband and wife duo selling sweet corn from the back of their pickup truck. It wasn’t long before the two expanded their space and took over an entire building in Barco, North Carolina. Open every day of the week, Morris Farm Market sells delicious Southern goods from various vendors like fresh peaches, top-of-the-line vegetables, homemade pies and jams. Stock up on local fruits and snacks before grabbing one of the outdoor picnic tables to enjoy the cool setting in the middle of a cornfield. The outdoor area is dog-friendly, making it ideal for shoppers to bring along their furry pals as they pick up blueberries, canned pickles and bottles of local wines.

Powells Roadside Market

Indulge in your sweet tooth by trying some delicious homemade fudge from Powells Roadside Market in Moyock. The large indoor and outdoor market sells freshly harvested fruits and vegetables from the area as well as local artisan goods like baked breads, hot sauce, and canned jellies and jams. Fudge Factory is also located on the premise, where the smell of molten hot chocolate will coax you closer for free samples. You can opt to take home fudge of various flavors or other treats like bear claws and peanut brittle to reward yourself after a long day of shopping. The fruits and vegetables are sold to you directly by local farmers, meaning the produce will be as fresh as it gets.

H2OBX Waterpark

Get ready to get wet! The new waterpark in Currituck County – aptly named H2OBX Waterpark – is making a big splash this summer with locals and families staying in the Outer Banks.

Conveniently located at 8526 Caratoke Highway in Powells Point, NC, the waterpark is minutes from the Wright Memorial Bridge, the northern gateway to the Outer Banks. The $46-million waterpark spans 20 acres and boasts 30 attractions, including eight thrill rides, seven family rides, and seven rides for kids. Height restrictions vary from 36 inches to 48 inches, but there’s plenty of wet fun for every member of the family, including toddlers.  Click here to find out more about the H2OBX Waterpark.

Historic Jarvisburg Colored School

The Historic Jarvisburg Colored School is listed on the National Register of Historic Places due to its black ethnic heritage, architectural features and a rare example of a pre-Rosenwald African American school in North Carolina.

The outside of the building has been recently restored and a full interior restoration has been completed.

The HJCS Museum, is a historical and cultural link to all of Currituck’s schools for African American children, beginning in 1868 through the 1950’s. The Museum is open for visitors every Wednesday from 10:00 -3:00 PM.  The phone number at the Museum is 252-491-9909.

Currituck County Rural Center (CCRC)

The Currituck County Rural Center offers a unique experience to visitors on the Currituck Mainland.  It is located on 105 acres in Powells Point. Popular activities and amenities currently available to the public at the CCRC include: access to the sound for kayakers/canoes, equestrian indoor and outdoor riding rings, fishing in two ponds, playground equipment, picnic pavilions and a boardwalk. The CCRC is a dog friendly park.  Click here to learn more.