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Safety Info

We value your safety during your stay in Currituck. Please pay close attention to any warnings that are issued by authorities and emergency personnel, and follow the safety guidelines and recommendations associated with activities.

In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm, we will post updates from Currituck County officials and The National Weather Service on our website. Please take a few minutes and read over our hurricane information and our beach safety tips.

You will find phone numbers listed below for Currituck County's emergency, medical, and information services. We hope you and your family have a wonderful stay in the Currituck Outer Banks. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Ambulance, Fire, Police 911
 Sheriff's Office (Non-Emergency) - If you need help, or to report violations
Corolla 252-453-2121
Main Office 252-453-8204
Knotts Island 252-429-3827
Visitor's Information
Visitor's Center 877-287-7488
Public Information 252-232-0719
Chamber of Commerce 252-453-9497
Satellite Office, Corolla 252-453-8555
Medical Services
Outer Banks Hospital - Nags Head, NC 252-449-4500
Regional Medical Center - Kitty Hawk, NC 252-261-9000
Albemarle Hospital - Elizabeth City, NC 252-355-0531
Chesapeake General Hospital - Chesapeake, VA 757-312-8121
Health Department 252-232-2271
Useful Information
Animal Control 252-453-8682
Currituck Airport Terminal 252-453-8032
Hurricane Evac/Re-entry 252-232-2115
Barco Library 252-453-8345
Corolla Library 252-453-0496
Magistrate 252-232-3404
NCDOT Ferry 252-232-2683
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