Deer Hunting

deer hunting

Deer hunting is a popular pastime across America, and deer hunting in North Carolina is no exception. Currituck County Deer Hunting is usually confined to private land belonging to various hunt clubs or hunting guide groups. The Whitetail Deer is the most common species that makes its home in Northeastern North Carolina, and this variety of deer can be found throughout the temperate forest land, low lying marshes, and wet grasslands of Currituck County.

The Quality Deer Management Association is a governing body for deer hunting regulations, aiming to conserve the deer populations in North Carolina so that enough Whitetail bucks are available each season for hunters. In accordance with QDMA regulations, bucks must have a minimum of six points in order to be eligible for taking by North Carolina deer hunters.

Most Currituck deer hunting is done from tree stands, but baited hunting is also allowed by North Carolina law. Each hunter is allowed to take 1 Whitetail buck and 1 Whitetail doe per three-day hunting session.

Season Dates and Bag Limits provided by the NC Wildlife Resource Commission